Publishers: Overview

As an Publisher, Tapjoy's GraphQL API allows you to programmatically manage your monetization, enabling you to more effectively and efficiently analyze your monetization.

Getting Started / Quick Start

  1. Get keys: To gain access to the Marketing API you need to request your API keys. This is explained in the requesting access section of the Getting Started page;

  2. Authentication: To authenticate you must send a POST request with a header containing your API keys. More about authentication can be found in the authentication section of the Getting Started page.

  3. Query: To make a GraphQL request use one of the examples as a reference.

All publisher-related data can be accessed via the publisher GraphQL query. This root-level query gives you access to list all apps and placements, etc. that are tied to your account.

Additionally, the following mutations can be used:

For examples on how to use these queries / mutations, please refer to the Examples documentation.