Below are a few quick links to help you get integrated with Tapjoy's GraphQL API:

For support requests, bug reports, and discussions, please contact your Tapjoy AM or support.

About GraphQL

GraphQL is the API standard Tapjoy uses for its public APIs. GraphQL is a query language specification for APIs, originally built by Facebook. It packages a variety of concepts, including:

  • Typed & introspective schemas. The schema describes the API's concrete types and relationships, all discoverable through introspection.

  • Sparse datasets. Clients request only the data they need when they need it.

  • Hierarchical data. The structure of the API mirrors the structure of the responses, allowing traversal from relation to relation through hierarchies.

  • Batched requests. Clients batch requests for multiple pieces of unrelated data, removing the need for separate API requests.

For more details about GraphQL, see the GraphQL Intro guide.

Why GraphQL?

Tapjoy chose GraphQL because it allows more flexibility for our partners and the various ways in which they integrate. The ability to control which data and relationships to pull in a single request is a powerful feature, allowing Tapjoy to offer an API that mirrors and is consumed by our own internal dashboards.

By consolidating our own internal APIs with partner-facing APIs, we're able to offer a more advanced API that can evolve as our business evolves.