The metrics for an ad insight segment


app (AppReference)

The app in which the user viewed the ad. Note: Data before October 15th, 2018 will not have an app associated with it. In this case the value will be "null"

attributionSource (AttributionSource)

The attribution source responsible for tracking and converting the user

callToActionClicks ([Int!]!)

The number of times users clicked the call-to-action, if a call-to-action is present

conversions ([Int!]!)

Number of conversions for the ad objective

country (Country!)

The country in which the user viewed the ad

engagementInstalls ([Int!]!)

The number of installs inferred from engagements. Note: Data for this field is not accurate before February 7th, 2020, and may be null or contain incorrect values. In addition, metrics after April 7th, 2021 will reflect the number of installs per publisher app (the app where the ad was shown), rather than the sum total of installs across all publisher apps.

impressions ([Int!]!)

The number of times the ad was on screen

language (Language!)

The language in which the user viewed the ad

mediaP100WatchedActions ([Int!]!)

The number of times the media was watched at 100% of its length, including watches that skipped to this point

multiRewardEngagementEvent (MultiRewardEngagementEvent)

The multi-rewardable engagement event the user was rewarded

offerwallImpressions ([Int!]!)

The number of times the ad appeared in the offerwall

returnOnAdSpend (ReturnOnAdSpendInsights!)

Return on ad spend data for users who installed on each day.NOTE: Return on ad spend metrics are only reported in the 1st UTC hour of every day. When using a granularity of HOURLY, only the hour representing 00:00:00 UTC - 00:59:59 UTC will have a value other than 0.

spend ([Money!]!)

Total amount spent