A monetary value represented in micros (1/1,000,000th of a US Dollar).

For example, a value of 10,000 micros is equivalent to 0.01 USD.

Note that values are only represented in increments of 10 micros. This means that you cannot provide a micro value of 10,001.

Why micros?

While it's tempting to using floats to represent monetary values, floating point arithmetic naturally causes rounding errors. These rounding errors can surface in final calculations being off by pennies or more.

The problem with floats is rooted in the fact that they cannot be accurately represented in base 10 multiples.

To ensure that all monetary values are accurately stored and represented to exact precision, we have adopted the "micros" standard. Micros allow you to provide fractional values to Tapjoy while still maintaining exact precision.

How to convert from micros to dollars and back

To convert from micros to dollars, the calculation is relatively simple:

dollars = micros / 1,000,000

Note, however, that the only way to ensure exact precision is to use a proper data type in your programming language (such as decimal or bigdecimal).