Represents one step in your multi-reward engagement funnel. For example, a multi-reward engagement motivating users to progress through your game could be made up of 5 MultiRewardEngagementEvents. Each of these could share a single eventName (such as “BeatLevel#", but would each have a different eventValue (such as “1”, “5”, “10”, “50”).

The linear boolean determines whether each step in the funnel must be completed in order. In the above example, this would be true. If linear is true, then each MultiRewardEngagementEvent should have a defined ordinal. Conversely, there are situations in which you would want linear to be false, typically when steps in the funnel are unrelated to each other. An example of non-linear events would be CreateAPlaylist, StreamANewSong, and SubmitProfilePhoto.

See creating and deleting events


amount (Money!)

Bid for this event

displayName (String!)

Display name to show for users (editable only in default bid (AdSetBiddingUpdateInput), not in per app bid (perAppBidGroups))

eventName (String!)

TPAT reward event name

eventValue (String!)

TPAT reward event value

linear (Boolean!)

Flag whether this event is linear or not (editable only in default bid (AdSetBiddingUpdateInput), not in per app bid (perAppBidGroups))

ordinal (Int!)

Ordinal for this event