This endpoint helps you query and manage the financial bids of your ad sets. While some objectives have simple single bids, others support more advanced (and therefore complex) bidding strategies. For example, Engagement objectives support multiRewardEngagementEvents, allowing you to set an individual bid for each step in your engagement funnel. Some objectives also support per app bidding, empowering you to bid a different amount based on the publisher app in which your ad is shown.

Note: Part of this API requires Tapjoy's approval to use.

How to decide on a bid

A bid represents the value you put in your ad set reaching your target audience and achieving the result defined by your objective. For example, you may place a $0.10 value for video views, but a $1.00 value for app installs.

Depending on the campaign objective and billing strategy, Tapjoy will apply an effective bid in order to meet your target bid.

Min / Max bids

The minimum amount that can be bid varies based on the objective and whether your AM has manually overridden the minimum amount allowed.

If you'd like to set lower or higher bids than what is currently allowed, please reach out to your account manager for approval.

Per app bids

Note: Using this field requires Tapjoy approval, please contact your account manager with questions


amount (Money!)

The amount you are willing to pay to deliver a result

multiRewardEngagementEvents ([MultiRewardEngagementEvent!]!)

The events for multiple rewards engagement

perAppBidGroups ([AppBiddingGroup!]!)

Per app bid groups

perAppBiddingEnabled (Boolean!)

The per-app bidding state of ad set