A Tapjoy ad


adAssets ([AdAsset!])

The assets for this ad

id (ID!)

Unique identifier for the ad

insights (AdInsightsData)

Reporting insights

Argument Type Description
filter AdInsightFilterInput

The segments to filter

timeIncrement InsightTimeIncrement

The increment by which data will be split

The default value is ALL.

timePreset InsightTimePreset

Relative time range (always UTC). This field is ignored if timeRange is present.

The default value is TODAY.

timeRange DateTimeRangeInput

Absolute time range (max: 3 months). This field is ignored if timePreset is present. The earliest from date can only be 2 years ago.

name (String!)

The name of the ad

skanCampaignId (Int)

The currently configured SKAdNetwork campaign_id this ad is serving as